Other names: hot comb alopecia, CCCA, 

What is Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia or “CCCA” ?

  • This is a type of scarring hair loss condition that predominantly affects black women.
  • CCCA typically develops in the mid to late 30s.
  • Affected women may be asymptomatic or notice itching or burning in the central region of the scalp (crown).
  • Hair loss slowly spreads outwards from that area over time leading to permanent hair loss.

What is the cause of CCCA?

  • The cause is unknown, but it has been thought that use of braids, weaves, cornrows and relaxers, especially at younger ages may contribute to the development of this condition.

How is CCCA evaluated and treated?

  • CCCA can often be diagnosed by a physician experienced in this condition 
  • A scalp biopsy may be obtained but is not always necessary.

 What is the best treatment for CCCA?

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