Other names: perfolliculitis capitis abscedens and suffodiens

What is dissecting cellulitis?

  • Dissecting cellulitis is an uncommon type of scarring hair loss condition that predominantly affects black and hispanic men aged 20-40.
  • Affected individuals notice pustules and soft boggy nodules of the scalp that drain pus and sometimes blood.
  • Hair loss develops in the area. 
  • Some patients also develop boil-like lesions in the armpit area or the groin (called hidradenitis) and some patients develop very bad acne-like lesions.

How is dissecting cellulitis diagnosed?

  • Often dissecting cellulitis can be diagnosed by visual examination by an experienced dermatologist.
  • A scalp biopsy is not usually needed but may be done in more challenging diagnoses

What is the treatment for dissecting cellulitis?

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