Other names: male balding, male androgenetic alopecia, hereditary thinning, MPB

How common is Male Pattern Balding?

  • About 30 % of men by age 30 and 50 % by age 50 years of age will have androgenetic alopecia or male pattern balding.

Do men inherit male balding from mom’s side or dad’s side?

  • The condition is inherited from both sides, contrary to popular belief that it is only mom’s side.

What do men with male pattern balding experience?

  • Men experience hair loss in the temples and the crown which slowly progresses to involve the entire frontal, mid and top of the scalp in some individuals.
  • The back of the scalp is usually not involved as this area tends to be resistant to balding
  • The condition is usually asymptomatic. In the early stages, many men will experience slightly increased shedding of hairs.

What tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis?

  • Male pattern balding is a clinical diagnosis meaning that a scalp biopsy and blood tests are not needed for the vast majority of individuals.

What are the treatments for male pattern balding?

Treatments include:

  1. minoxidil
  2. finasteride
  3. low level laser therapy
  4. platelet rich plasma
  5. hair transplantation
  6. wigs, hairpieces
  7. scalp micropigmentation 

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