What is a scalp biopsy?

A scalp biopsy is a short 10-20 minute office based procedure that allows your physician to take a sample of a few of your hairs and the skin surrounding those hairs. Many hair loss conditions can only be accurately diagnosed with a scalp biopsy.


Steps in a Scalp biopsy

1. The patient is seated comfortably in a reclining chair (similar to a dentist chair)

2. The area on the scalp to be biopsied is outlined with a marker

3. Freezing medicine (i.e. anesthetic or numbing medicine) is injected into the scalp in that small area

4. A period of 3-4 minutes is given to allow the freezing to take effect

5. A punch apparatus (shown on the right) is used to take a sample about 4 mm wide

6. Once the skin and hair sample is removed, the area is stitched up (sutured)

7. The patient returns for stitch removal in 2 weeks

8. Biopsy results are typically available in 2-4 weeks. 

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