The goals of the Canadian Hair Loss Foundation are:

  • To fund scientific research in hair loss in Canada. 
    • CHLF provides grant funding to clinical or laboratory-based hair loss researchers working at Canadian universities 
    • CHLF provides funding to assist early level hair loss researchers (research fellows, junior faculty) travel abroad to acquire new skills that can be brought back to Canada


  • To educate the public about hair loss.
    • CHLF provides educational resources for the public so that they can make well informed choices about hair loss
    • CHLF provides the public with trusted information about hair loss, hair growth and hair care.
    • CHLF helps disseminate important information about hair loss in a timely manner.
    • CHLF supports Canadian charitable organizations that provide the public with information and support regarding hair loss


  • To educate health care practioners about hair loss.
    • CHLF provides educational stipends to support physicians-in-training (residents, fellows, interns), nurses, and allied health professionals who seek to devote their future careers to treating hair loss in Canada
    • CHLF provides travel stipends to support Canadian medical professionals who wish to travel outside of their main centre (or abroad) to acquire new skills in treating hair loss that can be used in Canada.
    • CHLF provides support to establish university-affiliated academic hair loss centres across Canada that provide expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.